Intro To I.T.

The I.T. Is one that is quite diverse. Whether you are of a different race or come from a unique upbringing, there are all types of people in this industry. From the hardcore coders to the to I.T. Marketer, the I.T. Industry is filled with an array of different types of workers. For example, even if you have a particular type of disability, you can still find yourself working in the I.T. Industry. The advantage to having this type of diversity is the fact that it give you creativity, and more room for newer innovation to arise. Although currently the I.T. Workplace is mainly male dominated, the trend has been changing as of late. Many of the top I.T. Companies today are pushing towards making the I.T. Industry a captivating place to work in for women.

Personally, as an individual with an IT Background, the workplace has constantly evolving. The systems are always being upgraded to latest software which means completing tasks are becoming less complicated. Although women are not the backbones of the I.T. Industry, that will soon change. This is true in my case as the Manager for the Helpdesk at my employment is a female. In today’s fast paced world, the number of women in the I.T. Will grow before our very eyes.


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