Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


The idea of virtual reality is what it seems it is. The focal point of it is to replace your reality with a computer generated environment. Virtual Reality can be a variety of things, a game, some environment, or even a video when you that is playing when you are walking around. The main idea is to trick your brain into thinking that’s your new reality. The more up to date virtual reality environments today are displayed on computer monitor and or through headphone like style with an in-built display. The virtual environment can be almost quite identical to that of a real world in order to create a lifelike experience. For example, new truck drivers many not have had the prior experience to maneuver a 53-foot vehicle. A simulation of this can very much prove to beneficial without the hassle of damage an actual vehicle which can become a hefty cost if heavily damaged. Lately make technology headset have been invested in the creation of Virtual Reality headset. Creating a Virtual Reality Headset is not an easy task. There are many factors that come into play when into play when creating design and creating. For example, since the Virtual Reality headset right in front of your face, the Pixel Per Inch also known as PPI has to be correctly portioned. Augmented Reality, is in a way supplementing your reality through adding a few things and combining. This could something as seeing something on top of real world object. For example, through the use of your smartphone, you see the rate for a particular hotel room through augmented reality.

Personally, I feel that Virtual Reality and Augmented will not take off as one would like for it to take off since the content for it is not quite available yet. For example, 3DTV never succeeded due to this main reason. I believe that for it even have a chance in today emerging world, the content should be there for the end user.


Brownlee, M. (2015, March 27). Virtual Reality:Explained! Retrieved October 24, 2015.


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