Drones, have begun to be used everywhere. Whether it is for amateurishly, professionally, confidentially, drones are booming. With drones there are many controversies regarding safety concerns which have become a hot topic. For example, The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, has predicted that there will be approximately 30,000 drones in the air by 2020. Personally, I feel this is a cause for concern since especially for the aviation sector. Globally, there has been many instances especially near airports where drones have nearly collided with jets. Many groups have spoken against this, campaigning for drones to be equipped with anti-collision software. In particular, the Air Line Pilot Association has tried to push for this technology to be implemented as soon as possible to prevent any kind of disaster. I feel this will be very beneficial, especially for frequent fliers who fly abroad on consistent basis. Something as easy as a small amateur drone getting caught in the jet engine can be quite detrimental. I feel that laws should be put in place immediately to restrict the usage of drones to prevent any kind of catastrophe from happening. Laws have been put in place in certain states, but their should law put in place to set the standard internationally as commercial jets fly across various borders.


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