Aaron Swartz was an internet activist who went the extra mile for the freedom of speech in the Internet World. Aaron Swartz was involved in many campaigns such as STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT (SOPA) and many others.  Aaron Swartz created RSS feeds which allowed for blogs, and podcasts. In 2011, Swartz was arrested and charged with wire fraud after he gained access to abundant amount of articles from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer database. One reason why the outcome of Aaron Swartz taking away his life is the fact that society does not have a grasp or a tight grip as to what punishment an individual deserves for breaking or hacking into computer systems to make it available for others.  This also shows that the criminal justice system does not yet know have a clear understanding of how to treat people who commit crimes on the World Wide Web.


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STEM Subjects

STEM stands for science,technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM subjects include a variety of areas which include Chemistry, Information Technology, Engineering, and any of the Sciences. In the United States, the STEM system is referred to the education system.  The Federal Government takes a close look at anything that is STEM related. For example, the legislators look at the number of college graduates with degrees that are related to STEM.  Graduates who graduate with a degree related to STEM will not have a difficult time finding a job. Employers today are targeting possible candidates who have a wealth of knowledge in STEM and non-STEM characteristics. They are looking for employees who can do many things and are not limited to just one area. For example,  petroleum engineers,  develop methods for extracting oil, and are also responsible for finding newer ways to extract oil and gas from older wells. Petroleum engineers is one of the top paying STEM jobs.


STEM careers by 2018


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Massive Open Online Course

Massive Open Online Course is changing how we will be educated as we speak,  MOCC reveal to us that online learning is possible. MOCC allows the students to work together and start new discussions ( Juliana Marques) MOCC can assist students who are in higher education courses in areas where they might have some trouble. For example , Khan Academy is a great tool on youtube which has a number of tutoring videos in which millions of students around the world are using today( Juliana Marques). MOCC’s can easily become the future. But some such as Condoleeza Rice oppose the idea of MOCC replacing universities. She believes students need to have the interaction in a classroom setting with a professor.  One of the biggest problems to making MOCC mainstream is students losing interest when they don’t feel engaged.  Many students need interaction with their professors to become succesful. Many studies are being implemented. For example, some professor record audio comments on assigments instead of writing them (Geoffrey A. Fowler). 




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Crisis In Syria

The Crisis in Syria is no joke. Innocent people are currently being killed by their own government for protesting for changes. The U.S. nearly intervened after many chemical attacks by the Syrian government were used to killed innocent citizens of Syria.  President Obama has said the use of chemical weapons is just flat-out wrong.  Although the U.S. nearly intervened into the Syrian conflict, they never went in with military force.  The U.S. Congress is very reluctant to be involved in another war in the Middle East, again.  Personally I feel the government should not intervene in the crisis going on in Syria. I feel that by intervening in someone else’s property, it will create a huge conflict and the potential for a war.  It becomes a real sticky situation when you are trying to enforce laws in someone else’s land.


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Government Shutdown

The U.S. Government has been officially shutdown. This has not occured in 17 years. What does this mean for us. Well for the majority, not much but it still does affect more people than you would think, For example, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, also known as WIC has been discontinued as result of the Government Shutdown.  Other programs like Medicare and Medicaid will go unaffected since they do not depend on the Congress.  Public parks will be closed immediately.  One very interesting fact from the Government shutdown is that with the combination of the President and the lawmakers, they are still getting paid at approximately $250,000 per day. This is not just one person but includes all of the lawmakers and President combined.


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