Information Science

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The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) were two U.S. bills introduced to allow the U.S. Government  on cracking down illegal websites.  It’s intention was to especially make it harder for websites outside of the U.S. to sell pirated movies and music. The leaders who were all in for these acts stated that through the passage of these bills, we will be able to enforce our copyright laws in the right manner.  The leaders of legislature who were against felt that SOPA and PIPA  would block access to an internet domain.  This is due to fact that with the installment of SOPA,  internet domains would be block sites that had one small post that was detrimental to U.S. property.  The main concern is that an entire site would be greatly affected.  Websites such as Wikipedia and Google protested against this bill.  Although the bill was never passed due to its severity, there have been other alternatives in talks and the U.S. Government is always looking for the best possible way to solve the problem of online privacy.

The Pros and Cons to Open Source Software

Open source software has many pros and cons to it. To begin with, open source is very easy to maintain. Since the code is open source, it can be viewed by anyone. This makes it  quite convenient to address any issues one person might be having when developing their software. There are also drawbacks to open source software. Many people tend to believe that open source is free. This is wrong. There can be many hidden fees one might have to encounter when using an open source application. One main setback to open source is there is not a reliable support to assist you with complications you may encounter.